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Corporate governance

Our Basic Stance on Corporate Governance

Under our mission, "Breaking Common Sense," the basic principle of our corporate governance is to conduct fair and highly transparent management, continuously enhance corporate value, fulfill corporate social responsibility, and earn the trust of all our stakeholders (interested parties) The Company strives to ensure compliance, improve transparency and soundness through active and prompt information disclosure, and to continuously improve and reinforce measures and an organizational structure to achieve efficient management.

Outline of Our Corporate Governance Structure and the Reasons for its Adoption

The Company has established the General Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Directors, Board of Corporate Auditors and Independent Auditors as the organs under the Companies Act. In addition, the Company has established a Risk Management Committee to assure its corporate governance system. In addition, the Representative Director appoints the head of the Internal Audit Department to conduct internal audits to reinforce supervision of management. Furthermore, the corporate governance system is reinforced by seeking advice and guidance from outside experts, such as attorneys, as necessary. We have chosen to be a Company with a Board of Auditors as it allows the Board of Directors to decide on basic management policies and to execute key operations under the audit and supervision of corporate auditors from an independent standpoint. We believe that this structure is most effective in ensuring the efficiency and soundness of management.

Corporate Governance Organizational Chart

Corporate Governance Report

We have submitted the “Corporate Governance Report” to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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